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How can we do better to meet the information and learning needs of Community Health Workers?

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In the health care sector, we should acknowledge that still there is inadequate coordination of resource sharing between key players especially for cross cutting issues like dissemination of CHWs' information services. 

If we may draw the CHWCs' Information Plan in an open and trustworthy manner, I am quite sure that CHWs' existing information needs can be made more available cheaply than when each key player struggles on his/her own to meet those needs and sometimes in a narrow-manner. During this era of information age, we should strive at all cost to team-up in delivery of services and products we offer instead of competing.

To clarify my contribution, let me share with you what would happen for CHWs served by multidimensional agencies owned by the Kibaha Education Centre (KEC) and neighbouring agencies in Kibaha Township in Coast (aka Pwani) Region in Mainland Tanzania.

Since KEC owns Kibaha Public Library (KPL), Tumbi Nusery School (TNS), Tumbi Primary School (TPS), Kibaha Secondary School (KSS)-a purely boys school, Kibaha Girls Secondary School (KGSS), Tumbi Secondary School (TSS), Kibaha Clinical Officers Training College (KCOTC), Kibaha Folk Development College (KFDC), Tumbi Regional Referral Designated Hospital which serves the entire Coast region and neighbouring regions and the regional health care sector from the Village and/or Mtaa level to the regional level, conducting a baseline CHWs Information Plan could easily help to identify and document in an open and transparent manner: expressed and felt information needs of CHWs in Coast region and the key CHWs' information providers and how the dissemination of existing information by diverse service providers may be disseminated in a more coordinated manner say through supporting and modernising jointly Kibaha Public Library, which is the widely used library in Coast region by over 4,214 library users.

In order to maintain monitoring and evaluation of this initiative, key players should establish an Advisory Committee drawing members from all responsible agencies in this regard and an Action Plan should be developed and followed up accordingly within an agreed set time-frame say for the period of 3 to 5 years before reviewing it afterwards taking into consideration changes and new developments after the set time-frame.
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Friday, October 17, 2014
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Jackton Kaijage
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HIFA profile: Jackton Kaijage is the Chief Librarian for the Kibaha Education Centre's Public Library in Coast region in Tanzania whose target clients include the Tumbi Designated Hospital medical and auxiliary staff and its Clinical Training College (CTC). Promotion of health care and education for all for our public schools under direct  supervision of Kibaha Education Centre (KEC) including one nursery school, one primary school and three secondary schools. jackliv AT
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