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How can we educate our religious leaders on vaccination? (5)

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Further to Beatrice Muraguri's comment that the head of Catholic Church in Kenya Cardinal John Njue has told women of reproductive age who are catholics not to agree to be vaccinated with Tetanus Toxoid, please find below three news items relating to this in Kenya's Daily Nation:


Don't take tetanus jab, church insists (6 November)
Kuppet joins Catholic Church in campaign against tetanus vaccine (11 November)


And a third article in the same newspaper says the church believes WHO has been trying to use vaccines as a means of population control since 1972. 'It claims that similar tetanus vaccination drives have been used to secretly sterilise women in the Philippines, Mexico and Nicaragua. Catholics have a history of fighting the tetanus vaccines and in 1995 succeeded in stopping such a campaign.'


A child dies of tetanus in Kenya every day. Meanwhile, respected religious and professional leaders make extraordinary claims that threaten people's health. Most of us would debunk such claims, but the journalists and newspaper editors fail to do so, and the comments of readers suggest they believe the conspiracy. 


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Wednesday, November 12, 2014
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Neil Pakenham-Walsh
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