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Infographic: Is Mobile Healthcare the Future?

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More than 97,000 health and fitness related apps... What the statistics don't tell us is that the vast majority of these apps are useless in terms of empowering citizens in low-resource settings to take life-saving healthcare decisions. There are tens of thousands of apps to promote weight loss and exercise, and virtually none to empower healthcare decisions for critical situations such as first aid/trauma, child illness, and complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Mobile health has not been adequately harnessed to save lives and reduce suffering.
To date, with the voluntary contribution of more than 100 hours of desk research by HIFA member Heather Kartzinel (San Jose State University), we have identified only ***7*** apps/projects (less than [correction:] 1%) that have the potential to empower citizens with life-saving information. You can see our the results of our baseline surve here:
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Sunday, January 5, 2014
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Neil Pakenham-Walsh
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