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IRIN: Psychologists stay home: Nepal doesn't need you (2)

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Sometimes driven by our generosity we forget to account the actual need of the very people we are trying to help. Last Saturday I visited remote villages of earthquake affected Dhading district where indegenous "Chepan "community live.

I ask one question to all of them, what three things they need most? To my surprise their answer was "Corrugated sheet" "Corrugated sheet" and "Corrugated sheet".
And another question, what three things they want to build with "Corrugated sheet". They prioritise as rebuilding 1. Their homes 2. School 3. Health post.

In the same region reputed INGO with the support of local NGO was busy distributing "Dignity Kit" with sanitory napkins (they have never used it and not going to use this time as well).


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Saturday, June 6, 2015
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Shishir Dahal
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 Shishir Dahal is a senior medical officer for Ministry of Health Nepal in Rolpa District Hospital. shishir15 AT

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