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If authors wish their research to be available to all, especially colleagues in financially restricted regions, they should publish their work in Open Access journals (of which there are 9804) or archive their articles in Open Access repositories (of which there are 3585 in 115 countries). See also Bioline International, which provides an Open Access platform for publishers of journals from the developing world, that include a number of health-related publications. Note that at the recent celebration of Bioline's 20th anniversary in Brazil a new feature was added to the home page which provides real time statistics on full text downloads - there were 450,000 in December 2013 (equivalent to 9 million full text downloads per annum),


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Tuesday, January 14, 2014
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Barbara Kirsop
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HIFA profile: Barbara Kirsop is interested in the movement towards free and open access to all published research papers through the global Open Access movement. This interest is shared by her colleagues at the Electronic Publishing Trust for Development, EPT AT

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