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Request for images of parasites (2)

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This is my collection of 12 photos of what a helminth infection can do to the human body that I was able to put together since starting my hunt for photos in October last year:
They are from South Africa and the Philippines.

These 12 photos are the results of about 100 e-mails to all sorts of people and it is such a sad state of affairs that not more photos are easily available (I will continue to try and hunt them down one by one). I have been given links to WHO, CDC, Wiley books and other image libraries. But upon closer examination they either had no photos of helminth infections or they were not open access.


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Thursday, March 12, 2015
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Elisabeth von Muench
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HIFA profile: Elisabeth von Muench is a freelancer since 2012, working on sustainable sanitation issues. She is based in Frankfurt, Germany. She is community moderator of the SuSanA (Sustainable Sanitation Alliance) discussion forum ( Her background is in process engineering, she used to design wastewater treatment plants until 2002, then moved to sustainable sanitation for developing countries and her main focus is nowadays on knowledge management. Her interest is in preventing child deaths due to lack of sanitation and hygiene in developing countries. elisabeth.muench AT

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