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The role of folk media in health knowledge transfer (8)

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Well, I think we have to be bit careful to cultural aspects and social acceptability of the means of delivering the message, not just their acceptance of the content of the message. In a country like Sudan, which is almost a continent by itself, there are distinct differences among the different tribes. Music and dances are generally accepted, though it is more practiced in the south where the dances and music are part and parcel of the social expression and communication between the people. While in the north, many may not take songs and dances with ease. This is particularly true for practicing Muslims. I believe that these differences do exist in other places in Africa. However, from my point of view, working with children is much easier in that sense, and the effect of the message we give for them will last for long, and they tend to tell others about what they've been taught. Indeed, they would love to have some music and dances to run away from the classical classroom teaching.

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Monday, March 16, 2009
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Ghaiath Mohamed Abas Hussein
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