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Is there a database of healthcare services research projects in developing countries?

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is there a database of healthcare services research projects in developing countries? I first asked about this when I was working in hospitals doing health services research and quality improvement projects, because I knew a lot of projects were not being published in academic journals because they just didn't meet those 'standards' of research. This meant a lot of knowledge and experience was being lost. It has always been frustrating trying to find similar projects done in other health services, or trying to find similar current projects done in other hospitals or states/countries. There didn't seem to be any formal database or network available to facilitate the information-sharing process.

To clarify, I am not asking about databases of synthesised research summaries or policy documents, such as the Cochrane Database, Campbell Database, McMaster Health Forum's Health Systems Evidence database, or even the 3iE databases. I am thinking more along the lines of a registry of primary quality improvement or implementation research projects, similar to clinical trial registries in various countries that are coordinated by the World Health Organisation?s International Clinical Trial Registry Platform (WHO ICTRP) ( which aim to keep a record of all clinical trials done around the world.


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Thursday, April 3, 2014
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Henry Ko
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HIFA profile: Henry Ko is a Health services researcher at SingHealth, Singapore. Professional interests: Health services research; public bioscience communication; health consumer advocacy; science and technology governance; MDGs and social development; innovation and creativity. henrych.ko AT

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