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Unavailability of Emergency and Essential Surgical Services at Primary Healthcare Level (12)

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"it is of immense important that care providing physicians at first care level or district level must have right knowledge and skills of Emergency and Essential Surgical Care. It is very important to include this Emergency and Essential surgical care in primary healthcare services. Nepal has this model where Family Medicine and Emergency care are combined together and with excellent results. I suggest my honourable colleagues to visit the following link to refer to the WHO's GIEESC [*1] and WHO IMEESC [*2] toolkit on WHO's website to know more about tools on strengthening surgical services (including trauma, obstetrics, anesthesia) at various levels of care. "



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Thursday, February 20, 2014
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Manzoor Butt
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HIFA profile: Manzoor Ahmed Butt is a Family Physician, Researcher & Trainer working since 1986 as Chief Executive of the Maqbool Clinic, Research & Training Centre, Shamsabad, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan. He is striving for advancement of Primary Health Care facilities in association and collaboration with other similarly working persons and institutions in a way that is locally defined, locally acceptable and locally sustainable. He is also imparting the knowledge and skills of Primary Health Care to various categories of health care providers, especially Primary Care Physicians, Nurses, Midwives, and TBAs. He is involved in improving Safety and Quality of care in family Medicine worldwide, especially in Eastern Mediterranean Region. He is Chairman of WorldCME-Australia; Member of Executive Board of Child Watch, Australia; Chief Editor of Child Watch section, Middle East Journal of Family Medicine; Global Family Doctor Award for August 2003 by WONCA-online, Australia; Member of Middle East Primary Health Care Research Network; Member of International Federation of Primary Care Research Networks; and Associate Member, East Mediterranean Association of Medical Editors (EMAME). drmanzoor AT

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