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When was Nigeria moved out of free HINARI? It is a disaster, if true! (6)

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The truth is that many institutions in Nigeria, particularly the public ones, do not have vast resources and their library users wholly rely on HINARI for access to publications.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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Paul Adepoju
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Paul Adepoju is a medical laboratory scientist, professional writer and award-winning Nigerian freelance journalist. He holds a bachelor degree in medical laboratory science, a diploma in legal studies, and several certificates in professional writing, investigative, business and health journalism. He has several British Medical Journal Learning bronze certificates. He has written tones of articles and recently published a book entitled Crimson Dynamics: Sustainable Blood Supply In Nigeria The Inside Out with funding provided by the National Blood Transfusion Service. His articles are featured on Nigerias leading websites, blog pages, newspapers and magazines. He has also spoken and continues to speak at various forums and federal government health sessions. He is also a researcher and postgraduate student focusing on genetics and applied cellular biology. He is currently the managing editor of, Nigeria's leading online source for health news.

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