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WHO country offices as knowledge brokers?

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I believe that in some countries, there is room for WHO to play a role to improve the uptake of scientific evidence by policy- and decision- makers. Academics and researchers too often think that if they publish their findings in scientific journals, or produce reports, and give talks in conferences, policymakers and decision makers will get to know their work, will trust them and will base their work on the evidence they produce. But there is an infinite number of barriers between them and those who should use their findings.

How can WHO help in this? By producing evidence briefs or policy briefs, by facilitating meetings between academics and researchers and policy/decision makers, by sharing policy making and research agendas, by helping the Ministries of health defining research  priorities and agendas, by maintaining and disseminating regular digests of the local production of scientific knowledge.

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Thursday, May 25, 2017
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Sophie Goyet
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Sophie Goyet, BSc Midwifery, MPH, PhD, is a French Midwife-Epidemiologist now based in Nepal. Her main professional interests are Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn care issues as well as infectious diseases and antibioresistance.

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