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Wikipedia and Medicine: Quantifying Readership, Editors, and the Significance of Natural Language (2) Parasites

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Last week, I have organized a health information workshop with some clinical laboratory technicians, they idenfied lack of open access to atlas about parasites for training new technicians and as reference. And I also found that a 2014 FAO report related with food parasites, FAO mentioned "Despite their huge social costs and global impacts, information is generally lacking regarding just where these parasites come from, how they live in the human body, and - most importantly - how they make us sick.". 

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Monday, March 9, 2015
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Nancy Gertrudiz
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HIFA profile: Nancy Gertrudiz is a BME with CUDI in Mexico. Her professional interest is in eHealth.  t: @ngertrudiz  Enail address: nancy.gertrudiz AT



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