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HIFA Citations (Formal)

HIFA Citations (Formal) are bibliographic records of relevant publications in peer-reviewed journals. Relevant publications are those that help us to answer one or more of the following questions:
1. What are the healthcare information and learning needs of different groups of healthcare providers in different settings?
2. What are the barriers and drivers to meeting those needs?
3. What must be done - and how - to improve the availability and use of relevant, reliable, actionable healthcare information?

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Year published: 2018

Sophie Sarrassat, Nicolas Meda, Hermann Badolo, Moctar Ouedraogo, Henri Some, Robert Bambara, Joanna Murray, Pieter Remes, Matthiew Lavoie, Simon Cousens, Roy Head.

Year published: 2017

Damian U. Nwaneri, Ayebo E. Sadoh and Michael O. Ibadin

Year published: 2014