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Health Care Information Needs and Behaviour of Home-Based Elderly People in Kenya: A Case Study of Nakuru District, Kenya

This article reports on findings of a study which investigated the information needs of the home-based elderly in Nakuru District, Kenya. A qualitative approach was followed in data collection and analysis. Findings showed that personal factors,including literacy and language capacity, memory constraints, physical impairment, influence their Information Behaviour (IB) in varied ways. Similarly, environmental factors, including health-care services, financial resources, cultural traditions, and education, determine how they access, use or avoid information.

Consulting communities on feedback of genetic findings in international health research: sharing sickle cell disease and carrier information in coastal Kenya

Background: International health research in malaria-endemic settings may include screening for sickle cell disease, given the relationship between this important genetic condition and resistance to malaria, generating questions about whether and how findings should be disclosed. The literature on disclosing genetic findings in the context of research highlights the role of community consultation in understanding and balancing ethically important issues from participants' perspectives, including social forms of benefit and harm, and the influence of access to care.

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