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Afghanistan: Battle Over Polio Vaccine - Medics fight rumours that programme is a Western plot against Muslims

Health experts in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province warn that persistent rumours that their vaccines actual harm children are hampering efforts to combat polio. Medical professionals report significant resistance from village elders and mullahs, particularly in more remote districts, who claim the injections contain viruses designed by Western governments to deliberately hurt people in the Muslim world.

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In Nigeria and Afghanistan, and Pakistan mainly illiterate and semi illiterate parents refuse immunisation for their children for fear of infertility as a side effect, in the UK parents refuse their children being immunised because of an unscientific paper and its conclusions linking MMR vaccine to Autism. and wrong paper. The third world countries stand out more, sadly, because innocent health workers have been killed. In Pakistan the matter is compounded and complicated by the unethical use of immunisation by health workers to track Osama Bin Ladin.

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HIFA-Voice IRIN News: "The US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan - which caused deaths and destruction - is seen by many Muslims here as a war on their brethren. They wonder how the same countries responsible for this colossal carnage can now turn and save lives elsewhere. To them, it doesn't make any sense that you offer to save my children from a crippling disease yet are killing my brothers," said Nasir.

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