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Barriers and facilitators to health information exchange in low- and middle-income country settings: a systematic review

The exchange and use of health information can help healthcare professionals and policymakers make informed decisions on ways of improving patient and population health. Many low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) have however failed to embrace the approaches and technologies to facilitate health information exchange (HIE). We sought to understand the barriers and facilitators to the implementation and adoption of HIE in LMICs.

Experiences from the field in Cameroon: Mental health promotion, (mental) health literacy, mental health and mental illness

Mental health is an integral part of health and a fundamental aspect for suitainable developement. Following a recent movement on mental health in Cameroon brought to light concretely on the First Cameroonian Days of Mental Health in 2015. I have taken resolution, to work to make mental health a priority in my country. Again, the context of mental health is characterised by a lot of ignorance, stigma, discrimantion and reject of sufferers. Of utter most importance is the absence of sources for adequate and reliable (mental) healthcare information.

World Health Day 2017: Depression (22) Mental health in Cameroon

As this unique week of health closes marked with WHD celebration on the 7th of April, a feeling of extreme determination is building up amist myself and a good number of associations interested in promoting mental health in Cameroon.

Evidence-informed country-level policymaking (53) Policy BUDDIES project: South Africa, Cameroon and UK

I want to share our experience with the Policy BUDDIES project - a collaborative project between researchers in South Africa, Cameroon and the United Kingdom with the aim of increasing policy-makers' demand for research evidence during health policy-making by building the capacity of policy-makers to find and interpret it, but most notably by building formalized linkages with local, objective researchers in the fields of health evidence, evidence-based healthcare, or knowledge translation….

Evidence-informed country-level policymaking (50) What are the key challenges for policymakers? (3) Health policymaking in Cameroon

Subject: [hifa] 



There is a huge systematic communication problem between the government and researchers in Cameroon…

Mind the gap: knowledge and practice of providers treating uncomplicated malaria at public and mission health facilities, pharmacies and drug stores in Cameroon and Nigeria.

Background: Artemisinin combination therapy (ACT) has been the first-line treatment for uncomplicated malaria in Cameroon since 2004 and Nigeria since 2005, though many febrile patients receive less effective antimalarials. Patients often rely on providers to select treatment, and interventions are needed to improve providers' practice and encourage them to adhere to clinical guidelines.

World Mental Health Day 2014, theme Living with Schizophrenia (2)

It is still so obvious that there is a huge  need  for mental health professionals to be informed and educated about best practices on the management of schizophrenia. Moreover, capacity building and training taking into acount EBM/EBT is fundamental as well. I believe that  access to accurate information builds competence and professionalism.

What Information To Spread About Ebola Virus? The Role That Mobile Telephony Can Play In Health Behaviour

Some minutes ago, a friend sent me an sms which reads 
"Please please, avoid eating pork (pig, meat,) monkeys, bats, or chimpanzees during this period! Just read a WHO website that these are potential sources of the EBOLA VIRUS! eat bitter cola to prevent infection. Ebola hit nigeria dis week. Please spread the message..."

Addressing health needs of pregnant women and their babies (2) Sex education in Africa

information and communication technologies (especially cable TV, access to pornography) coupled to "new sort of peer pressure" seem to create a need for early sexual initiation of youths. Some colleagues of mine have conducted studies on sexual reproductive health and the results are revealing of a more and more early involvement of girls in sexual activities. It is amazing that even today profound ignorance reings in some african familes  with respect to sexuality. It seems not to be necessarily a matter of social class or education... 


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