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Afghanistan: Battle Over Polio Vaccine - Medics fight rumours that programme is a Western plot against Muslims

Health experts in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province warn that persistent rumours that their vaccines actual harm children are hampering efforts to combat polio. Medical professionals report significant resistance from village elders and mullahs, particularly in more remote districts, who claim the injections contain viruses designed by Western governments to deliberately hurt people in the Muslim world.

Poster from Children for Health (5) Junior community health workers in Iraq

We have Junior community workers here in Iraq, see our website:

This approach works very well, we also have a comic book that will shortly be animated

the kids love it!

Research's Practice and Barriers of Knowledge Translation in Iran.

Background: Knowledge Translation is a process that includes synthesis, dissemination, exchange and application of knowledge to improve the health, services and products In this study we have attempted to examine the knowledge translation practice and its perceived barriers on the universalities and research institutes (research sector) in Iran.

"Fighting a hurricane": tobacco industry efforts to counter the perceived threat of islam

'Islamic countries are of key importance to transnational tobacco companies as growing markets with increasing smoking rates. We analyzed internal tobacco industry documents to assess the industry's response to rising concerns about tobacco use within Islamic countries.

Doctoori: Arabic Health Information

A few years back as part of my public health work at LSHTM I had been surprised by the general standard of health information in the Arabic language. Quality and reliability were key issues for me. However the accessibility of this information for the ordinary person or patient in these mainly developing countries was the critical issue. There is lots of research that points to this.

Should the British National Formulary be freely available online? (7) BNF is now freely available in HINARI countries

The publishers of the BNF (British Medical Association and Royal Pharmaceutical Society) state: 'Registered users of the BNF website are allowed free access to the core content of the latest edition of the BNF and BNF for Children.. if they reside in ... any of the countries in the HINARI list of countries managed by the World Health Organisation'. I would like to make seven related points:


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