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The vast majority of Indian families and women do not follow the following practices, contributing significantly to the high prevalence of malnutrition and disease in children under five years of age:
- 75% of new mothers are anaemic and most put on less weight during pregnancy than they should.
- Colostrum is essential because it prepares the baby's digestive system for the mature milk that the baby will receive in the next few days.

Gunmen kill nine polio health workers in Nigeria (5)

There are many perspectives relating to this issue and most actions are outside of the remit of CHILD2015. However, one of the actions we can take is to make information about the importance of polio and other vaccines very readily available in local languages to health workers and the community at large.

For India, we recently produced a video on this very issue. Please see: -

Evidence lacking on mHealth effectiveness in poor countries

Mobile phone technology is frequently heralded as a solution to many health challenges facing the developing world, but two systematic reviews have found that evidence to back such claims is still largely non-existent.
- Systematic reviews find a lack of evidence for mHealth's success in the developing world
- Most mHealth trial results come from rich countries and may not apply in the poor ones
- Authors call for further rigorous tests in low- and middle-income countries
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