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Indigenous medicine and biomedical health care in fragile settings: insights from Burundi

As many anthropological and sociological studies have shown, there are multiple factors contributing to different health-care seeking patterns. Many times, tradicional/ alternative/ complementary medicine is sought precisely because people are not happy with biomedical responses to their situation or considers it more harmful and less effective - depending on the situations - than other approaches to their health problems. And this is not based on 'beliefs', but on their actual experiences.

Meeting the information needs of Users of Medicines: Encouraging citizens to ask questions

Dear all,

I have found a very interesting campaign (from 2003 to 2009) that aimed at increasing people's involvement in decisions about their use of medicines, called Ask About Medicines. 

It seems that the website is not available anymore, but the resources and materials can be found at the Patient Information Forum:

Elsevier Provides Free Online Access to Medical Information for West African Countries Stricken with Ebola Outbreak

Dear colleagues, I'd like to share the following announcement. Best regards, Ylann Schemm Program Director - Elsevier Foundation


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