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Dynamics of evidence-informed health policy making in Pakistan

Incorporating evidence is fundamental to maintaining the general acceptance and efficiency in public policies. In Pakistan, different actors—local and global—strive to facilitate the development of evidence-informed health policies. Effective involvement however, requires knowledge of the country-context, i.e. knowing the intricacies of how policies are formulated in Pakistan. Obtaining this knowledge is one of the key steps to making interventions impactful.

Barriers and facilitators to health information exchange in low- and middle-income country settings: a systematic review

The exchange and use of health information can help healthcare professionals and policymakers make informed decisions on ways of improving patient and population health. Many low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) have however failed to embrace the approaches and technologies to facilitate health information exchange (HIE). We sought to understand the barriers and facilitators to the implementation and adoption of HIE in LMICs.

Abducted polio immunization team found murdered in Pakistan

'Four members of a polio immunization team have been found murdered after being kidnapped in southwest Pakistan, officials said Wednesday... Taliban militants claim that the polio vaccination drive is a front for espionage or a conspiracy to sterilise Muslims...'

Should the British National Formulary be freely available online? (7) BNF is now freely available in HINARI countries

The publishers of the BNF (British Medical Association and Royal Pharmaceutical Society) state: 'Registered users of the BNF website are allowed free access to the core content of the latest edition of the BNF and BNF for Children.. if they reside in ... any of the countries in the HINARI list of countries managed by the World Health Organisation'. I would like to make seven related points:

Prescription habits in Pakistan (2)

Quacks (general Practitioner without having a professional degree) are present everywhere in Pakistan. They are prescribing medicines and they are the main culprits in health field. The qualified doctor never do such a mistake. And blaming all the doctors for such mis prescription of medicines is not a justice. These are quacks who do not write their name on their prescription because of fear of law. All the qualified doctors show their names and prescribe standardly.


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